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   The Swag List


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 Why I Lived a Lie

Why I lived a lie. . .an open apology to Ron Rash By Allison Lee First, let me say that my offense was unintentional and seemed unavoidable at the time. It was a dark and stormy night, or at least a dark and stormy time of my life, and I just could not read a book without a happy ending.  I wasn’t at the place emotionally to grasp that a plot full of turmoil and characters of questionable moral fiber could still be beautifully written and come to a satisfying conclusion, so I lied.  Well, no, that’s not really true, I didn’t outright lie, I avoided the truth. . .okay,  I ran from it.   Everyone read the book.  The author came and read from the book.  Everyone was talking about the book. Almost overnight, it became THE BOOK.   I couldn’t read it.  I just couldn’t.  Everyone said it was dark, and I already felt dark.  So, when asked if I had read it, I said it was dark.  That wasn’t a lie, EVERYONE said it was dark, and that’s all I said.  I was careful to never actually say that I knew because I read it, only that I knew it.

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Graduation Gifts

  Very Good Lives

Do you remember graduating from high school or college?  I vaguely remember that far back, the details are sketchy, but I remember being nervous and afraid of the great unknown, although I wasn’t facing anything remotely dangerous or distant.  I do know that all forms of encouragement were welcome and I imagine that it’s no different today. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d tell you about some of the books on our graduation display in case one is the perfect thing for you to get for the graduate in your life.

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The Real Super Heros

Some years ago I got a call from someone half way across the country, asking questions about Haywood County history and genealogy.  Yes, of course we have a great selection of books on that subject, but his questions went way more in depth than I could answer.  I didn’t even know where to look.

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One Book Loving Club!

  The Pillars of The Earth

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To Read Out Loud

I spent a brief time as a volunteer with a literacy program for parents and young children. As part of the training, each volunteer was asked to draw their first memory that involved a book.

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Historical Fiction

Almost 20 years ago I worked at a large independent bookstore in Raleigh, NC. It wasn’t my first bookstore job, but it is the one where I learned the most. There were fewer big box stores then and Amazon didn’t exist.

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