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About Blue Ridge Books

Who are we?

Blue Ridge Books was established in 2007. We are Waynesville’s only independent bookstore specializing in new books. Our team enjoys hosting authors for weekend events. We also work collaboratively with area schools to supply students and teachers with their reading needs.

Where are we?

We are located in Hazelwood Village, just outside of downtown Waynesville, North Carolina. Our street is packed with quaint, independent shops and restaurants. You can spend an entire day with us and our neighboring merchants. We hope you pay our bookstore a visit. With hardwood floors, a tin ceiling and books galore, who couldn't be happy?

What do we offer?

At Blue Ridge Books, we carry fiction, non-fiction, regional books, children’s books, used books, a large selection of magazines and newspapers, and unique greeting cards. We are happy to special order books that we don’t have in stock at no additional cost.

Events at Blue Ridge Books

Press Release for Read for the Red Wolf

Local conservationist, Christopher Lile, promotes literature, including a book from Asheville author, to spread awareness for North Carolina’s wolf.

Christopher Lile, an avid animal lover his whole life, works with non-profits like Defenders of Wildlife and Wolf Park to advance the conservation of (and coexistence with) endangered species. Lile began a career in wildlife conservation by traveling to Madagascar to study lemurs. But, as a Waynesville native, he realized that he need not travel overseas to advocate for endangered species. The red wolf, once present in Haywood County, is one of the world’s most critically endangered canines. Currently, less than 20 individuals remain in the wild – only in eastern North Carolina.

Lile was shocked when he learned about the Red Wolf from a Defenders of Wildlife representative in 2017. Even as a lifelong animal lover from North Carolina, he hadn’t heard the story of the Red Wolf. This species faces political pressure, habitat loss, and poaching. But one of their biggest threats is simply the lack of awareness of North Carolinians that a wolf not only exists in their state but is on the brink of extinction.

Lile, who started advocating for the Red Wolf immediately after hearing their story, is now working with Defenders of Wildlife to raise Red Wolf awareness in Western NC. Read for the Red Wolf is one of many upcoming opportunities for Haywood County to learn about the Red Wolf. The event, hosted by Blue Ridge Books (418 Hazelwood Ave, Waynesville, 828-456-6000) will feature The Secret World of Red Wolves by Asheville author DeLene Beeland and a selection of relevant non-fiction and children’s books that speak to the plight of wolves and the current extinction crisis. Lile will be at Blue Ridge Books from 9-5 on Saturday, November 23 to answer questions about the red wolf. An educational display will remain through November 29. The event is free and open to the public.

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Our Team


Jo - Owner

Jo enjoys watching movies from the 1930s and 1940s and likes to read thrillers.


Allison - Owner

Allison is obsessed with her flower garden and loves regional literature.


Mary - Bookseller

Mary went sky diving for her 50th birthday and enjoys suspense books.

Shelby - Bookseller

Shelby has a large collection of mugs to enjoy her favorite teas. She enjoys anything in the young adult section.

Fun Facts About Blue Ridge Books

Opened Friday the 13th in July 2007.
Combines our resources with customer donations to purchase over 700 new books a year for Head Start students.
Offers required summer reading books from local school lists at a discount price to students.
Had an author drive through the front store window when delivering her books (no one was hurt).
Is the only place in Haywood County, N.C. to buy The Wall Street Journal.
Bestselling book in the store for ten years is Waynesville by Michael Beadle and Peter Yurko.