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Blue Ridge Books was established in 2007 and is Waynesville’s only independent bookstore specializing new books. We carry fiction, non-fiction, regional books, children’s books, used books, a large selection of magazines and newspapers, and unique greeting cards. We are happy to special order books that we don’t have in stock at no additional cost. We enjoy hosting authors for weekend events. We also work with schools to supply students and teachers with their reading needs.


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In her new book, Lois Hollis redefines our perception of shame guilt and ushers in a new paradigm of self-esteem, healing, and evolution for humanity. This new knowledge explores the hypnotic effect of shame guilt and how it permeates our language and culture to devalue us. We remain paralyzed in dysfunctional behaviors and physical disorders. She shows us how we can not only release a lifetime of physical and emotional bondage but reprogram our distorted thinking. These distortions in our psyche from shame and guilt now have the capacity to realign with our innate goodness and potential. Lois will take us on the journey where we can discover and evolve into our greatness. Emotional revolution=Evolution is a must-read for those seeking to do and be more.

Hollis earned her RN registered nurse degree from St. Joseph Hospital and achieved her BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania. For thirty years she gained significant experience as a nurse in various departments of medicine such as open heart surgery, neurosurgery, and gastroenterology. Later she transitioned to the holistic field of health to save her own life from the ill effects of shame and guilt.  She continues as a Shame/Guilt Educator to passionately teach the recognition, avoidance, and healing from shame and guilt to diverse groups as an author, lecturer, and seminar presenter in addition to individual consultations.






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Over the last several years, customers have suggested that we have a discount card that could be purchased.  We finally took the hint and have started a Loyalty Club.  You can join for only $15 a year which will give you 10% off all books, magazines, greeting cards, and gift purchases (excludes used books, newspapers, and food and beverage items).  This 10% can be used on top of the 15% off bestsellers and other discounts that we offer.  In addition, there will be special sales during the year ONLY for Loyalty Club members.








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